Outside The Kitchen: My Photography

Sometimes photography subjects are all around you in unexpected places.  I was actually on an art gallery tour and found just as many interesting subjects surrounding me outside on my little walking tour that were overlooked by others…textures, patterns, contrast…everywhere!

fire hydrant photography

nlog closeupgecko_edited-1

blog star_edited-1

blog doorway

blog graffiti

Chinese Lantern

While I was outside enjoying soaking in some nature sounds, this vivid red bird appeared which was such strong contrast against the green backdrop.

nature photography

With crazy flooding in Texas this year, the plants and flowers have benefited from all the watering–and that also makes those that depend on their blossoms happy. My walk around the neighborhood with my dog this morning saw some pretty blossoms and, in some cases, some  tiny beings enjoying it as much as I did.


DSC_0654 DSC_0663 DSC_0668