Mini Burritos with Creamy Cilantro Dip

Mini Bean and Cheese Burritos

Everyone loves burritos, but they don’t become the perfect party food until you make them bite-sized.  And that’s far easier than you think! You can even start with pre-made flour tortillas and use a cookie/biscuit cutter for your circles. These will go fast, so make lots!

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A beautiful Mexican Food Dessert

Margarita Cake

Tired of having to serve a Tres Leches cake each time you want a great dessert to go with Mexican food? I have tried many versions of this while perfecting it and this one is the standout favorite for everyone–from the great pop of vivid color inside, to the perfection of taste with that zesty…

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Phyllo Parm Wrapped Asparagus With Wasabi Mayonnaise Dip

  While actually simple to make, this will not only make your table look beautiful at a party, but the taste is truly to-die-for.  In fact, l invented this pairing just for a happy movie night to replace dinner with some cheese choices, grapes, and wine.  It’s that good.

cuban salsa

Vegan Cuban Salsa

  I can promise you with one taste you will start slathering this on everything you eat..breakfast, side dishes, protein, vegetables…I have found it actually pairs perfectly with EVERYthing and no one can get enough.  It’s not your mama’s salsa.  It’s addictive salsa and an entirely different version than you likely have ever tasted. Great…

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The Sharknado Cocktail

The Sharknado

Somewhere between a margarita and a Blue Hawaiian lies The Sharknado–like the deep blue ocean waters with a big bite lurking underneath…or, as in the case of the campy movie–perhaps flying through the blue skies as well…

kome sushi kitchen

Review: Kome Sushi Kitchen, Austin

Good friends are the kind that understand when life gets busy but will be there the second you can get together and pick up right where you left off. Such was my evening last night with my friend, Dena for happy hour (from 5-6pm M-That Kome Sushi Kitchen, Austin.

Mango Chipotle Shrimp Lollipops

Prepared for a luau party, this dish is great for entertaining because it almost looks like a flower arrangement to add interest to your table setting  but, because it is also served in a vase, it takes up very little room on the table as well as being a very tasty dish! I lined the…

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Easy Tostada Night!

While my recipes are traditionally things I dream up, this is a common dish but far too often overlooked for a super fast dinner option to please the whole family or big groups and, thus, it’s worth noting how many ways you can mix it up in a tostada bar that you may not have…

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One Minute Grilled Mushrooms Florentine

One Minute Grilled Mushrooms Florentine

If you are entertaining and want an impressive side that literally takes one minute of prep before throwing it on the grill for a quick cook, this is it.  A recipe that is loved by everyone, takes no time to make, and looks pretty on the plate? Perfect!